Student Affairs

Student Affairs enriches the UMSL experience for all students, whether they are residents or commuters, full-time or part-time, undergraduate or graduate. Every co-curricular aspect of UMSL -- from career preparation to student organizations, multicultural programming to academic support, health and wellness services to civic engagement and leadership development -- is our mission and passion.

By offering guidance and support, creating caring communities and opening doors to new experiences, Student Affairs facilitates well-rounded and fulfilling college experiences, preparing students for their futures in a diverse, dynamic, and global community.

When you support the student experience, you enable UMSL to provide high quality programs and optimal environments that complement academic learning. Your gift makes a tremendous difference to all students, and ensures that UMSL continues to transform students into educated, engaged, committed leaders.

Join our generous and loyal community of supporters by making a gift to:

Student Affairs

If you have another area in mind to support, please go to our online giving form , choose the "Other Fund" Designation in the search list and then fill in the "Gift Instructions" box with the name of that specific student organization, department, program or scholarship.
For more information, contact:

Beth Krumm
Associate Vice Chancellor for University Development

If you want to learn more, visit the Student Affairs homepage.