Named scholarships reflect the principal donors’ visions and strengthen UMSL’s academic programs. Scholarships can benefit a college or department, honor a special individual, or create a memorial for friends or family. Donors may name the scholarship and define broad selection criteria.

Endowed scholarships are permanent investments in the future. A minimum of $30,000 will generate revenue in perpetuity. Endowment agreements between donors and the Curators of the University of Missouri authorize investment and management of the funds.

Annual scholarships have finite time frames. A minimum of $10,000 over four years will provide about 25% of full-time undergraduate tuition and fees from freshman to senior year. Annual scholarships may be larger and extended over longer time periods at the donor’s discretion.

View all UMSL Named Scholarships.

If you find a scholarship to support:
- Visit our online giving form.
- In the Gift Designation area, choose Search for Designations.
- Scroll to the bottom of the list and choose the Other Fund.
- In the Gift Instructions box, please type the name(s) of the scholarship(s).
For more information, contact:

Beth Krumm
Associate Vice Chancellor for University Development