A very special thank you to all of our scholarship donors! To view this year's List of Name Scholarships, please click below.

Named Scholarships 2017  

 Scholarships are investments in the shared future of the UMSL and the region. Scholarship giving is as varied as our students’ interests and as broad as our donors’ visions. All UMSL scholarships foster dreams and create life-changing opportunities that transform futures.

Named Scholarships honor friends and family, foster development by college or major, or build capacity in areas of high need or interest.

Department and Major Field Scholarships strengthen a particular academic discipline or program at UMSL.

Join our generous and loyal community of supporters by making a gift to one of the scholarships below:

Finish Your Degree Scholarship
   Give to the Finish Your Degree Scholarship.
   If you want to learn more, visit the Finish Your Degree description.
Opportunity Scholars Program
   Give to the Opportunity Scholars Program.
   If you want to learn more, visit the Opportunity Scholars Program description.
UMSL Scholarship
   Give to the UMSL Scholarship.

Other Scholarships
If you have another scholarship in mind to support:
- Look up the name in either the Named or Department and Major Field Scholarships list.
- Visit our online giving form.
- In the Gift Designation area, choose Search for Designations.
- Scroll to the bottom of the list and choose the Other Fund.
- In the Gift Instructions box, please type the name(s) of the scholarship(s).

If you are a student seeking support for your UMSL education, please visit Student Financial Aid.
For more information, contact:

Beth Krumm
Associate Vice Chancellor for University Development

Photo Gallery for Scholarship Luncheon
2017 Scholarship Luncheon