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If you have questions or need additional information about giving to UMSL, please contact us.

Our main contact information is:
University Development
University of Missouri-St. Louis
440 Woods Hall
1 University Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63121
Phone: 314-516-4109
Fax: 314-516-5378

To contact a specific staff member, please find our information below.


Photograph of Martin Leifeld by August Jennewein

Martin F. Leifeld
Vice Chancellor
University Advancement

314-516-4278 (office)

Photograph by August Jennewein

Beth Krumm
Associate Vice Chancellor
University Development

314-516-6604 (office)


Development Staff

Alphabetically by last name.

Barbara Benz
Office Support Assistant III

314-516-7020 (office)

Sharon Fenoglio
Senior Director of Development, Planned Giving

314-516-6788 (office)


Deborah Flores
Associate Director of Development, College of Arts and Sciences

314-516-5852 (office)


Cassidy Flynn
Advancement Officer, Stewardship

314-516-5864 (office)


Deborah Godwin
Senior Director of Development, College of Arts and Sciences

314-516-4736 (office)

Libby Gutberlet's photo by August Jennewein

Libby Gutberlet
Director of Development, College of Business Administration

314-516-5785 (office)

Katie Harder
Senior Associate Director of Development, Professional Programs

314-516-6105 (office)


Kyle Igel
Assistant Director of Student and Young Alumni Engagement

314-516-4750 (office)


Elizabeth Lanier-Shipp
Director of Corporation and Foundation Relations

314-516-4753 (office)

Can Li's photo taken by August Jennewein.

Can Li
Programmer Analyst, Specialist

314-516-4855 (office)

Jarel Loveless
Associate Director of Development, College of Business Administration

314-516-5447 (office)

Melinda McEndarfer
Director of Advancement Services

314-516-4149 (office)


Duane Nettles
Senior Programmer Analyst Expert

314-516-5449 (office)

Tanya Nettles
Executive Assistant for the Vice Chancellor

314-516-4151 (office)

Katy Robertson
Associate Director of Development, Leadership Giving

314-516-6503 (office)

Marva Robinson
Office Support Assistant IV

314-516-5822 (office)

Eliza Sanders
Advancement Officer, Corporate and Foundation Relations


Stewart Shilcrat
Development Officer for Prospect Research

314-516-4115 (office)


Mindy Thurmond
Administrative Assistant

314-516-4109 (office)

All photographs by August Jennewein.

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